Low cost video for any home

The least expensive retrofit video camera system

Front door and backyard cameras are very common in new construction these days.  You have many options of what type of camera you can use and how you want to record the video from those cameras.  In a retrofit situation putting in video cameras gets to be cost prohibitive, to the point many customers will decide against it.  Enter the video door bell, now at least at the front door you can get a video feed at a relatively low cost since the camera is fed power from the old  24v doorbell transformer and the camera video feed goes is linked to the homes wi-fi system.  Well the Ring company has taken it to the next level with battery powered cameras, solar chargers, and even a camera that can be mounted in place of the floodlight that is above the garage door, backdoor or maybe even in the back yard.  Now you can retrofit a video system to your home at a reasonable cost that you can do yourself, have a little help from us or just have us do for you.

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